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Deep waters


‘Deep waters’ – a watercolour painting of lilies. This is a tondo (circular painting) using watercolour on paper, and is approximately 55x55cm in size.

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Deep waters: watercolour on paper

This painting had a life of its own and started as colours and shapes before starting to remind me of still waters and beautiful pools with water lilies. I wanted it to be ambiguous so that you could sit and contemplate it, seeing layers within, while enjoying the light and colours. A little glint of silver shimmers on the surface.

The painting is a tondo – simply a circular painting, and this unusual format, helps you eye see the light and beauty of nature afresh. It has echoes of the mandalas, and invites you to fall into it to meditate on the beauty of the natural world.

This painting is approximately 55x55cm and will be supplied unmounted. The reason for this is that you might wish to have it mounted in a circular cut out, or in a square matte. It’s a personal choice, but any good framer will be able to advise you on the best way to set off the colours and shapes. If you would like it framed it comes in a pewter/silver frame and square mount for £485. Please contact me and I can send photos.