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Basset Hound


35x35cm ink and watercolour on paper – this Basset Hound appears in my new book published in November 2020

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Basset Hound: ink and watercolour on paper

I love Bassets and should we ever get a dog (no boys, we are not going to), then a Basset would be top of my list. The soulful eyes are of course, a huge attraction, but what I love about them most is their feet. A friend used to have a Basset, she lay on your toes in the winter, keeping them toasty warm. Now that is a useful dog!

So when I wanted a subject to go in Painting Animals in Watercolour, my mind sprang to a Basset Hound. In fact there are two, as I wanted to show how to paint one with pen first or with watercolour first – this is the watercolour first version. The book was published in November 2020.

Dimensions50 × 50 × 2 cm