About Liz Chaderton

Liz Chaderton with heron picture

Did you see that??

We often take the beauty around us for granted and our sense of wonder dims a little. It’s easy to get tangled in daily life that we miss what is really important to us. I paint to capture a moment of awe and bring it to you in a joyful watercolour. A common reaction when people see my work is, they smile. My art can remind you to appreciate life no matter busy your day gets.

I live in a small village in Berkshire (UK), working mainly in watercolour and ink. I initially followed my love of science and words but the need to create always called to me. I travelled extensively with pencil and paper to hand. I’ve sketched giant tortoises in the Galapagos and ancestral houses in Indonesia. Gradually painting became something I couldn’t ignore, and in 2016 I committed to being a full time artist.

Painting flora and fauna forces me to see them in a fresh light, to appreciate their vitality and joie de vivre. I hope that I can share that sense of wonder with you through my paintings.

You can buy original paintings here on this website and at Artistry (Henley), The Frame (Odiham) and Reeds Art and Framing (Goring upon Thames) or if you prefer, you can buy from selected art prints through Artko (UK), Artwall (US via Wayfair) or Wraptious (worldwide).

I also love to share my enthusiasm through teaching workshops and my fifth book will be published later in 2023.

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