Workshops in 2021

Because I LOVE painting  and I want you to not have the stress that I had as I built my skills, I love running workshops.

It is so exciting to share my ideas and enthusiasm and to see people respond and have ‘light bulb’ moments. I share all my processes, techniques and tips that have taken me 20 years to learn and perfect.

Throughout 2021 I am running a series of workshops in Knowl Hill, near Twyford, Berkshire, at a stunning venue – Micklems Farm. I hope you might join me on one.

Why come on one of my workshops?

  • I am an award winning artist and published author, but I have been in your shoes – wanting to have a creative outlet.
  • You will learn a lot in a concentrated period of time.
  • You will be invited to join my private Facebook group as a place to share you work and to continue to learn.
  • All materials are supplied, so you just have to turn up.
  • You will have a fun and relaxed day with like minded people.
  • It’s a gorgeous location, in beautiful gardens.
  • Covid security and social distancing measures are in place.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help choosing a workshop which is right for you.

Please be assured that should a workshop be cancelled due to Covid then you will be offered either a full refund or another date. Please read all terms and conditions before booking.

The booking form Booking_form_1 can be downloaded here and should be emailed back to me if possible at If you are paying by cheque please print it off and return with the cheque. The address is on the form.

If you are interested but unable to attend an in-person workshop my online courses are available from

Painting watercolours on canvas

Traditionally watercolours are painted on paper and protected under a mount and glass. What if you could break free? What if you were no long restricted by size or the tyranny of framing? This day explores how using new surface preparations watercolourists can enjoy working on canvas without the need hide their images away behind the glare of glass.

These one-day workshops are taking place on:

  • 19 September 2021
  • 21 November 2021

All materials will be provided. If you wish to bring a canvas to prepare yourself, you are encouraged to do so. You can then take it home with you to continue your experiments. Some experience of painting in watercolour is necessary, though you need a spirit of adventure more than years of experience.

The course is based on my book ‘Watercolours on Canvas.’ Now you can spend a day exploring this new way of working. I will have copies of my book available to buy at £9.99.

The price is £95 per person which includes materials and refreshments, but not lunch.

Gold and metal leaf with watercolour

Do you love the glint of gold, or the mellow shine of copper?

In this course we will venture into the world of mixed media, using metal leaf with our watercolours to bring a lovely shine and new dimension to our work. We will use gold size and loose leaf to achieve different effects and then combine it with our paintings. You may wish to bring a painting which you would like to add gold leaf to.

These workshops are a one-day course and will take place on:

  • 18 September 2021

All materials are provided, along with refreshments. No experience is needed to fully enjoy the day. If you already love painting in watercolours you will be provided with plenty of stimulation!

The price per person is £90.

Painting animals in watercolour

The course will be held in a rural location in Knowl Hill, Berkshire, to provide you with an inspiring and relaxing environment. All materials are provided, along with refreshments. If you already love painting in watercolours you will be provided with plenty of stimulation! Liz will let everyone go at their own pace to get the most out of the day.

These one-day workshops aim to bring my best-selling book ‘Painting animals in watercolour’ to life and will take place on:

  • 8 October 2021
This watercolour painting day will explore painting subjects from pets to farm animals, from British wildlife to more exotic creatures. We will spend time looking at eyes, form and texture to create convincing animal portraits brimming with life and energy.

The price per person is £90 which includes materials and refreshments. I will have copies of my book on sale at £9.99.

Pen and wash

Pen and wash; line and wash; ink and watercolour. Whatever you call it, this is a lovely expressive way of working. It is excellent for quick sketches and more finished paintings. The key thing is to help both ink and watercolour play their part to the full and ensure that 2+2=5.

We will start with exploring the role of line, then move on to letting the watercolour flow and then bring both elements together. Whether you wish to use this technique for portraits, landscapes, urban sketching, animals, still life or flora, you will learn how to capture many different subjects.

These workshops are one-day courses and will take place on:

  • 10 October 2021

This course is always popular, so please book early. You might also want to consider the dip pen or the urban sketching day. If you are not sure which is best for you, please contact me.

The price per person is £90 which includes refreshments.

Watercolour taster day

If you have never painted in watercolour and are not sure whether it is for you, this taster day is the perfect way to give it a go. Everything you need is provided, so that you don’t have to buy lots of expensive equipment.

The group is small, so you will get lots of individual guidance. We will cover materials and making the water work for you. We will explore mark making, tones and colour. You should go away with lots of tools in your paint kit, so that you will be itching to get a brush out and give it a go.

These workshops are a one-day course and will be held on:

  • 17 September 2021

As well as the artist quality materials, refreshments are included.

The price per person is £90.

Lively portraits

I am really excited about this workshop. Capturing people in watercolour is a great way of producing a lively portrait. In the autumn 2020 Leisure Painter magazines I wrote a series of articles all about portraits.

We will look at the tonal map of the face. We will work on a monochrome, a layered portrait and a more direct rendition. We will explore both literal colours and high energy portraits with a jazzier vibe.

This is a one-day course and will take place on:

  • 9 October 2021

If you are scared of drawing faces, don’t worry. This is a day to concentrate on painting, so we will be using a light pad to transfer our images. No, this is not cheating! Vermeer (who wasn’t half bad), used a camera obscura, as did Joshua Reynolds. We will use technology to allow us to concentrate on technique.

All materials are provided, along with refreshments. If you love painting in watercolours you will be provided with plenty of stimulation!

The price per person is £90.

Plein air / Urban sketching

Urban Sketchers is a global community of artists that practice drawing on location in cities, towns and villages they live in or travel to. The Urban Sketchers movement was started on Flickr in 2007 by journalist Gabriel Campanario. In 2009 Campanario established Urban Sketchers as a non-profit organisation.

If you would like to improve your on-location drawing this day should be idea. Timed to coincide with (hopefully) better weather we will use the beautiful buildings at Micklems Farm in Knowl Hill as our muse. Using pen and wash, we will look at composition, working on location, what to put in and what to leave out. If the weather is inclement, don’t worry, we will still be able to find lots of inspiration!

This is a one-day course and will take place on:

  • 21 May 2021
  • 13 June 2021

If you are looking at this class you might also be interested in the Pen and wash workshop or the dip pen workshop.

The price per person is £90.

Dip pens for line and wash

With such a variety of wonderful pens available, why is it we reach for our fibre tip pens most of the time? Well, yes they are clean and convenient, but let’s be honest they lack a bit of character.

On this day, you can join Liz to explore the use of dip pens in our line and wash work. From edgy cola pens (made from drinks cans) to Venetian glass pens, there are a variety of tools available which will bring a whole new dimension to your drawing and painting experience. And there might be some nice inks too.

This is a one-day course and will take place on:

  • 19 November 2021

All materials are provided, along with refreshments.

If you are interested in this day, you might also like the Pen and wash day or the Urban Sketching day.

The price per person is £90.

Birds in watercolour

From parrots to geese, the variety of bird life is stunning, and they make fantastic subjects for paintings.

We will take a look at birds and try to capture their personalities in watercolour. We will rise to the challenge of capturing the lightness of their flight and the glory of their plumage.

This is a one-day course and will take place on:

  • 2 July 2021

All materials are provided, along with refreshments. If you already love painting in watercolours you will be provided with plenty of stimulation!

The price per person is £90.