Love nest


30x30cm watercolour on canvas finished with cold wax medium

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There are so many phrases and idioms about nests. We are endlessly fascinated by them and their intricacies. From the tiny nest we find after it is blown out of a tree in a storm, to a huge eagle’s nest which is added to over the years. They are exciting to find and intriguing to examine.

So this little painting can nestle somewhere in your home to remind you of how it is a happy place to escape the world, it keeps you safe and protected and it is a space where you can be the real you….

It’s 30x30cm watercolour on canvas and gently waxed to give a lovely soft sheen. It doesn’t need to be be framed and is ready to hang. Though of course if you want to give it a little more emphasis, a frame can always be added.