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The nesting instinct – Nest III


25x25cm painting of a nest in watercolour upon deep edge canvas, finished with cold wax medium in a white washed wood float frame.

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The nesting instinct – Nest III: watercolour on canvas

The symbolism of nests is just beautiful – they are meant to represent all the love and warmth, enthusiasm and commitment it takes to create the happiest of homes.

Just think of the phrases we have about nesting, the nesting instinct and flying the nest.

I hope that this little painting will find a busy, happy home to live in and remind its occupants of how they are all kept safe and well together.

It’s painted in watercolour on a specially prepared canvas. I worked in multiple layers to build up the tangle of twigs. And then it is finished with cold wax and buffed to a gentle sheen. The image continues around the edges.It’s gently waxed to give a lovely soft sheen. It is framed and ready to hang in a white washed wooden float frame.