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Halcyon Bird – Kingfisher painting


50x50cm painting of a kingfisher in ink and watercolour on canvas with textured background gilded with imitation gold leaf in a black floating frame. Strung and ready to hang.

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Halcyon Bird – Kingfisher painting

The kingfisher is one of our best loved wild bird, hard to spot but once seen never forgotten. The flash of blue splits the air above the river bank, or the watchful profile is spotted out of the corner of your eye.

This painting of a kingfisher uses elements of stylised shapes to find rhythm and texture within the bird. It is a lovely way of working and very calming to look at as your eyes follow the form. The shapes are echoed by lines of gilding in places. But to avoid it becoming too swirling, the background has sharper elements of texture to show the birds speed. Did you know engineers of the Japanese bullet train modelled it on the kingfisher’s beak having observed how it can slice through the water?