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Red eyed tree frog


Red eyed tree frog. Ink and watercolour on wooden cradle board. Framed in a black float frame. Strung and ready to hang.

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Sadly it was not frog season when we visited Costa Rica, but a guide mentioned the iconic red eyed tree frog could sometimes be spotted in the grounds of our hotel around dusk. I duly set off with a torch in hand to ferret in the undergrowth. I tried to ignore the scuttling sound and the movement I could see out of the corner of my eye. The holes in the ground made me a little suspicious too, as we had seen a red kneed tarantula earlier in the day. Luckily it transpired that they were blue land crabs, when I finally got a proper look. And at that point I found a frog! So exciting.

Upon my return home, I was full of creative zeal and wanted to celebrate the life and vitality of this gorgeous Central American country. I painted this little frog way bigger than life to celebrate its huge personality. The texture is to indicate its environment and how it is at one with it. I used line and wash, to capture it’s energy.

The tree frog is painted on a specially prepared wooden cradle board, sealed with UV protective varnish and then wax and buffed to enrich the colours and give a gentle sheen. It is framed in a simple black tray frame.