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I am a koala


Painting of a koala, looking down at the world in pen and wash, watercolour on paper 39x39cm. It can be framed at extra cost.

I am a koala

Koalas and kangaroos vie for the top spot as iconic Australian animals. They are hard to spot in the wild as they sleep up in their gum tree, looking like nothing more than a grey wasp nest. On the ground their legs are surprisingly long as they amble to the next delicious eucalyptus.

We were lucky enough to spot a few as we traveled up the east coast of Australia, developing quite a crick in our necks as we did. I was surprised to meet many Australians who had never seen one in the wild and that led me to discover that habitat loss and fragmentation along with the devastating bush fires, has put koalas in danger.

Imagine Australia without koalas? Impossible!

So, this painting is a celebration of the furry wonderfulness of our koala friend. He glances down and wonders what those funny humans are up to on the ground. He wonders where the bush and trees that are his home have gone….

Painted in watercolour and ink, this koala is 39x39cm.

If you have a chance listen to the song ‘I am a koala’ by Dave Norman. If that doesn’t move your heart, I will be surprised. https://davenorman2803.bandcamp.com/track/song-for-the-koala-original