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Gerty Graylag Goose


50x50cm ink, gouache and watercolour on paper mounted onto a wooden cradle board and framed in black

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Gerty Graylag Goose: watercolour and goache

Gerty Goose came into our lives and despite only being with us for a day or so, made a big impression. If you had a graylag goose living in your downstairs loo, you would remember it! Gerty the goose was too young to fly and had become separated from her parents. She ended up with us before being rehabilitated by the amazing people at Swan Lifeline.

She has now been released into the wild and I am celebrating her here. When this painting is sold I will make a donation to Swan Lifeline on behalf of Gerty (and you).

Painted using the ink resist technique, the eggs show all her future goslings, now she is safe and well. She discovered her wings and was ready to go, so this little goose reminds us that sometimes all we need is a little kindness and time before we can fly and achieve great things.

Gerty the graylag goose, comes in a matte black tray frame and I hope will inspire.