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Copper African Elephant


Watercolour painting of an African elephant on canvas with copper leaf, sealed, strung and ready to hang 70x70cm

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Elephants are fascinating. Of course they are the largest land mammals on earth and have distinctly massive bodies, large ears, and long trunks, but did you know that they hug and console each other by putting their trunks in each other’s mouths, offering comfort through physical contact. They are one of the few animals who can recognise themselves in a mirror.The only other animals who can do it are dolphins, great apes and magpies. They can point with their trunks, which suggests that they are one of the most cognitively advanced species out there.

This painting celebrates their magnificence, painted with watercolour on a specially prepared canvas with accents of copper leaf. I have treated the copper to produce verdigris to compliment the colour of the elephant.

If you find them as fascinating as I do, you can welcome this one into your home.