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Cherhill White Horse


80x60cm, ink resist on paper mounted onto a wooden cradle board, framed and ready to hang.

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Cherhill White Horse: watercolour on wood

Cherhill White Horse is a hill figure on Cherhill Down in Wiltshire, England. Dating from the late 18th century, it is the third oldest of several such white horses in Great Britain, with only the Uffington White Horse and the Westbury White Horse being older. There used to be 13 white horses in Wiltshire, but only 8 remain.

The iconic Wiltshire White horses are things of beauty and mystery. You can forget all your cares as you get lost in the history and time of the place.

I have used a wonderful technique called ink resist which results in an image akin to a wood cut. I think it is appropriate for such a magical place. The paper has been mounted on a birch wood board and then gently waxed to give it a sheen and depth, and is framed in a black float frame. The joy of this process is that the picture does not need protecting under glass. The Cherhill white horse is one of a small collection of White Horse landscapes, you might like to see the others in this Nature Gallery.

The iconic Cherhill White Horse can be seen for miles around and is one of only eight chalk white horses in Wiltshire.

The Cherhill White Horse is the second oldest in Wiltshire and was made under the guidance of Dr Christopher Alsop of Calne in 1780, who gave instructions to a team of workers from a distance, using a megaphone. Can you hear him shouting as you look at this painting?

It underwent some serious restoration in 2002with 160 tonnes of fresh chalk being moved to the top of the hill, packed on to the horse, and held in place by wooden boarding.

The oldest white horse in Britain is at Uffington Castle in Oxfordshire which is thought to date back to the Bronze Age some 3000 years ago.

As with all watercolours, it should not be hung in bright sunlight, an area of high humidity or near a heat source, but I am sure you knew that!

I am also happy to arrange shipping, and as I love each painting will do my best to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you are not in the UK, I can get you a quote.

In addition to the gallery paintings I also accept commissions too, so feel free to get in touch, if you have something in mind.