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Collection of beetles


Watercolour and ink painting of beetles in all their wonderful glory and variety. Available framed (£485) or unframed (£350)

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Collection of beetles

Do you look at beetles and love the rainbow colours of their shells? Did you collect things when you were little? Were you fascinated by the way things were the same but different? Or the patterns they made as you rearranged them? This watercolour painting celebrate beetle life in all its colour and variety.

Although I baulk at the displays in natural history museums, I find them endlessly fascinating. The rows of beetles, bugs and butterflies collected by the Victorians and brought back to show us the variety of nature before photography allowed us to broaden our knowledge.

So here is my own natural history collection. Some of the beetles might find on your travels and some only scuttle in my imagination.

They are painted in detailed watercolour and finished with ink.

I also call this ‘Leaving the party’. If you look closely, you will understand why.

They are framed in a mink-coloured wooden frame, but can also be sent unframed if postage is required.