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Bellowing stag


Bellowing stag – 61x61cm watercolour, ink and metal leaf on specially prepared deep edge canvas, sealed and ready to hang.


Bellowing stag: watercolour on canvas with gold leaf

The sound of a bellowing stag through the mist is one you will never forget. And should you be lucky enough to actually see him, don’t stray too close.

You may be full of awe at his strength and majesty and I have tried to capture that in this painting, with the use of strong black ink and gold metal leaf. He is king of all he surveys, but he is still vulnerable and part of the natural world which is echoed through the soft washes of watercolour in the colours of the landscape. The metal leaf is distressed to reflect the ancient land in which he lives.

He measures 61x61cm and is painted on a deep edge canvas which can be hung with or without framing, depending on your taste.

I am happy to arrange shipping, and as I love each painting will do my best to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you are not in the UK, I can get you a quote. In the UK, the shipping price will be automatically added at checkout, but if you are local (I am in Berkshire) you are welcome to collect. Just contact me so I can remove the shipping cost.