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Rain Forest Dream IV – toucan painting


Watercolour painting of toucan paper with stencilled background. 36x36cm. Will be sent rolled for protection

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Toucans have always fascinated me. Perhaps being raised on Guiness adverts helped that? So when we travelled to Costa Rica in 2024 seeing toucans in the wild, alongside macaws, came top of my bucket list.

I was surprised at how well camouflaged they are. This bird basically has a banana stuck on it’s face, but is really hard to spot – how does that work? The beak looks like a leaf catching the sunlight, so until they fly it breaks up the silhouette and they are quite tricky to see. But see them we did!

I was so energised by the life of the country that I had a creative marathon upon my return. I had created a number of watercolour on canvas paintings, but I know many people still like the more traditional watercolour on paper and I wondered how I could achieve the same camouflaged effect. I used gorgeous vibrant washes to capture the vitality and life of the bird and then stencils to create a background. I lifted off colour in the bird to unite the two. Costa Rica is a country rightly proud of its biodiversity and I wanted to communicate its verdant nature.

You can invite a splash of this life force into your home with special painting. It is available unframed so you can choose a setting to suit your decor.

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