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Lowing bullfinch


Lowing bullfinch. 30x30cm ink, watercolour and gold leaf on canvas, framed in a matte black frame.

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Lowing bullfinch: watercolour on canvas with gold leaf

Quiet and secretive, the bullfinch’s behaviour is rather at odds with its beautiful colouring and its bullish chest. If you are lucky enough to see one in your garden, it may be after your fruit tree buds – sorry! The sacrifice is probably worth it.

Bright pink red cheeks and chest set the male finch apart and don’t forget their lovely white rump which they like to flash in flight.

Historically they were kept as a cage bird and many were killed because of the damage they do to fruit trees. They tend to live in woodlands and their numbers are down 40% since 1970 according to the Woodland Trust.

And (I like this) a group of bullfinches is called either a bellowing or lowing.

This little beauty is painted in ink and watercolour on a specially prepared canvas and then finished with imitation gold leaf and framed in a matte black tray frame. He will bring a little of nature back into your busy life and home.