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Curious kangaroo


Painting of a kangaroo, looking curious at the world in pen and wash, watercolour on paper 39x39cm. It can be framed at extra cost.

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Curious kangaroo

Think of Australia and you will think of kangaroos. What I didn’t appreciate is that there are 60 species of kangaroos – ranging from the two-metre (six-foot) tall red kangaroo to the musky rat kangaroo, whose tiny bodies are typically smaller than a rabbit. I am celebrating the Eastern Grey in this painting. He’s a curious chap and is checking out the food situation.

Painted in ink and watercolour, my aim is to capture the character of this iconic animal.

So a few more kangaroo facts for you:

  • Kangaroo joeys are the size of a jellybean …
  • They can’t move backwards …
  • They can hop 8 metres (25 feet) in a single bound …
  • Female kangaroos can pause their pregnancies …
  • Their tail is used as a fifth limb

Painted in watercolour and ink, this kangaroo is 39x39cm.