Watercolour stag

Yesterday, I lead a workshop with ShopKeepArty.com to paint a stag in watercolour.

Isn’t it amazing that you can be painting with people in Canada, USA, across Europe and into Australia all at the same time?

ShopKeepArty runs free taster sessions each week at 2pm GMT on a Tuesday and Thursday and also paid for workshops for artists around the world. The workshops are a 2-3 hour more in depth session.

I have to say my workshop painting is never quite up to what I would do if I were on my own in the studio! There is pressure on you and of course, articulating what you are up to tends to interrupt the flow. But I hope that everyone enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

This is where I ended up yesterday:

We also explored how colour plays with our emotions. This stag is from my new book, which will be published in November by Crowood Press. Pretty much the same view, but a totally different feel in the cool blues.

We played with textures and I showed different versions to inspire people.

My next free session is on 15 September 2020, when I will demonstrate how to make your own dip pen and then on 22 September the workshop will be all about pen and wash using that pen. You can sign up here https://shopkeepeasy.com/lizchaderton or here: https://www.shopkeeparty.com/artyclasses (won’t be live for a few days after I post this).

You can also buy videos of the workshops if you missed them first time round.

So, have you got a favourite out of my herd of stags??

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  1. That’s kind! Some days I think I might and then some days I think a demented four year old has taken over! I don’t share those paintings of course……

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