Using Dorland’s wax on watercolour

If you don’t want to hide your watercolour under glass and a matte, you red to find a way to protect the surface. I like to use this on my Watercolour canvases.

While you can use a spray or brush varnish, an interesting alternative is Dorland’s wax. It comes in two sizes (4 or 16 oz) and contains beeswax, damar resin and mineral spirits. It smells nice and not over powering, but ventilation is important. You can use other picture waxes, but they are far smellier.

The process is simple. Rub it in. Let it dry. Buff it up. Repeat if you want. I’ve done a little film, which I hope you enjoy:


7 thoughts on “Using Dorland’s wax on watercolour”

  1. I have mounted about 6-7 watercolors onto cradled board and used Dorland wax to seal it. What do you mount yours onto? I am curious about what other artists use. Great post by the way!

    1. I paint onto canvas prepared with watercolour ground – like this peacock. I sometimes seal with varnish or sometimes wax – depending on the image. I have put paper onto board in the past.

      1. I will have to give it a try. I neglected to even mention your painting, I was so involved with the technical, so uncreative of me! Your painting is beautiful ? I will have to give it a try using the ground on canvas.

  2. I use this wax on canvas and find it gives a soft leather feel that I love. I do seal it with a UV protectant first.

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