Time lapse jackalope / horned hare / lepus cornutus


Lepus cornutus is the Latin for the horned hare, a creature of mythology. People think that rabbits with a virus causing warty growths, were the foundation for these stories. in the 1930s enterprising taxidermists in America created Jackalopes for sale, founded on lumberjack stories. Jackalope comes from the jack rabbit and antelope….

I’ve been wanting to paint one for ages and here it is. I had a nice vintage frame, so I cut a board to fit and prepared it with watercolour ground, before painting it in ink, watercolour and finishing with metal leaf.

The wolpertinger is a German mythical animal, described as a horned rabbit and the Al-mi’raj is a single-horned hare from Islamic mythology – apparently carnivorous. I love symbols which appear in multiple cultures – we are united by our humanity.

I hope to display it at the Reading Museum as part of the Reading Guild of Artists annual exhibition, later in Feb 2019.

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