Rolling down the river

In a couple of week’s time it is the Reading Guild of Artist’s annual exhibition, but in the week before the RGA is taking over the Reading Museum for half term. We have been asked to do a small piece that’s ‘happy’ and suitable for children. Well most of my paintings are happy, so I decided on this little otter as a warm up for a bigger piece.


I thought I would try gilding the canvas ahead of painting for once. Once gilded, I used watercolour ground to prepare the shape where the otter was to go. Next the ink went on with a brush, then used the pen to add details. Once dry the watercolour was applied and finally the piece is signed and sealed.

Here’s a  little time lapse from start to finish;

I hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “Rolling down the river”

  1. This is very beautiful and flowing, and I really enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing.

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