Portrait experiments and Sktchy

Sorry to be so quiet but I have become addicted to Sktchy App. It has a huge collection of interesting portrait photos and a daily challenge. Sadly only available on iPad or iPhone. The only way to learn and get better is to practise over and over, so I’ve been trying to do a portrait a day (ish). I really want to find my own voice and given that this was a New Year’s Resolution, I am fast running out of time!

I’ve done more layering portraits:


I’ve been working in drawing inks:

Pen and wash, with pastels:

In the past couple of days I’ve been using some of the packaging which is arriving pretty regularly. I really like these portraits on corrugated card. I’ve tried collage and cutting away too. There is something very liberating painting on junk. Give it a go!

And a few straight watercolours, of course:


Let me know now what you think and if you fancy painting portraits with me next year, I’m running a few workshops.



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