Peacock collage watercolour

I set myself the challenge of glazing on canvas. I don’t do it much, as it is tricky on canvas. You end up lifting the underlying layers, so there are tricks to get round the problem. Here’s the end piece:


I collaged the background with tissue paper and pieces of Indian newspaper, before coating with three thin layers of watercolour ground. I used transparent over the newspaper where I wanted it to show.


 I then started painting in the conventional way, using a bit of salt to add a feathery texture.


when it got to the tail, I added Aquafix to my washes – just a few drops. This makes it waterproof, or at least more waterproof. Once it was dry, I started working on the feather-eyes. I painted ovals of different sizes and lifted the middles. Once dry, I added the next middle oval and then the middle ones.


Finally, I added a little more collage and stencilled mandala patterns with Schminke gold powder.  I used an old plastic doily – never thought I’d find a use for it!

I finished it with Dorland’s wax and buffed it to a sheen.

This process was a lot more complicated than usual for me and I’m not sure I like the break to my flow of working, but good practise for me regardless. And I have proved to myself that you can glaze on canvas….

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  1. Thank you for outlining the process of glazing in watercolour on canvas Liz. Sounds tricky but it’s great to stretch the boundaries of a medium and contemporise it. Love your work, your blogs and book! Thank you sharing it with us.

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