Online masterclass 23 July 2020


On Thursday I did something new…. an online class with over 200 people. run free sessions twice a week, so I did I did one all about painting animal eyes in watercolour.

It was not without drama. Having done the tech test on Weds, I woke up to find that the telephone wire which supplies our house had snapped in the night. No phone, no internet, which was a bit of an issue. Luckily a lovely friend let me use her house, so I went armed with bleach and hand gel (if you are reading this in 2022, remember covid?). I got it all set up in time and was joined by painters from Texas, Canada, uk, Holland and Australia that I know of.

If you missed it, the whole thing is on YouTube. Search for Shopkeeparty here:

As a follow up I am doing a masterclass on 23 July and it would be fab if you could join me. It’ll last 2-3 hours and will be the nearest thing I can do to inviting you into my studio to paint with me. Well paint a colourful curios cow. Well start with the eye and work out, using wet in wet and texturing techniques. It’s £35 for the three hours, with options for individual critique afterwards.

THis is the link to book:

Any questions, just shout!


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