More gouache resist!

In yesterday’s class we had a pile of fun with gouache resist. I did a demo of Henley Bridge.

We learnt so much. Certain colours were very staining. So if you want a subtle variation, it’s better to do a black and white image, then add watercolour afterwards.

There were a couple of disasters. If the paper was not good quality it fell to pieces when the ink was washed off. We also learnt not to be too impatient during the wash off. One student (who shall remain nameless) grabbed a scrubbing brush to help the ink lift. This meant that everything ended up as a grey mush.

One student tried only placing ink in certain areas. This meant she didn’t get the beautiful random marks which is so characteristic of this process. We all thought this might be a great way of painting a Christmas cards. It is a very controlled process, but we loved the drama of the end result.

So, if you have never tried this process, do have a go…


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