First workshop of 2019

“Attentive and encouraging”


On Saturday, I ran the first of my 2019 workshops. It was all about pen and wash and I am delighted to say, that it went really well. I had a super group of students and the feedback I have had (so far!) has been extremely positive.

Pen and wash is fab for all subjects – you know I love animals, but we explored landscapes, architecture and florals too (I promise!!). My overall message was 2+2=5. The pen and the watercolour must both bring something to the party, so that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. We wanted to avoid colouring in a drawing or outlining a painting. So we explored the range of pens available – fibre tip fineliners, roller ball pigment ink, Elegant Writers, non-waterproof Stabilo point 88. We also played with dip pens, including homemade ones, and Indian Ink. We had a look at Fude nibs from Japan and Pilot Parallel pens. There are so many possibilities. Then we explored some exercises for loosening up the line work and different styles of producing tone. We also painted with Indian Ink to see how lively it is on the paper.

Next we moved to the colour (colour first or ink?) and finally pulling both elements together. Look at this lovely student’s bee from our planning exercise:


Then everyone worked on a subject of their own choice – here’s some work in progress – and not everyone worked on animals! We had a tractor, landscape, florals alongside a managerie of creatures:

If you fancy exploring new techniques please take a look at the programme for the rest of the year:

And finally a lovely quote from one of the students:

You have a very relaxed style of teaching. It was well organised so that you can create something great at the end.

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