My 15 year old son is desperate for a dog – not any dog, he wants a Corgi. On many, many grounds we are not getting one: university in 3 years’ time – who would be looking after it? It would chase my chickens. I’m a republican, so the last breed I would consider is a Corgi – etc, etc.

Anyway, he is worried about his exam results which he gets today, so in a ‘good-mummy-moment’ I have painted him a Corgi for his bedroom. This is rather a bright one because 1) he is 15 and having your mum paint a pic for you is probably not cool and 2) I had all the paint left in my palette from painting pheasants and I don’t like to waste.

I have used it as my day 14 post for #worldwatercolormonth. I should have been painting a fox, which is on my commission list, but decided my son is way more important. Hope he likes it!


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