Carne Griffiths workshop

Playing with ink, throwing tea into the mix, the making sense of it all. What a lovely way to spend a rainy afternoon.

And look at the result!

Ooops, this was the real result of three hours in a Shopkeeparty workshop with Carne Griffiths, whose work I have admired for a long time.

Starting with a tonal drawing on a full sheet of Bockingford Not 200lb, I sketched out our muse. I used a 4B and struggled with smudging.

Then we switched to ink, using fountain pens with Waterman inks. I had Inspired Blue and Absolute Brown. We drew over some of the graphite, mixing inks in areas we wanted to be dark.

The next stage came easily to me – splashing water about to activate the watersolubke inks and get them moving. We also used black tea, to introduce a unifying theme. It should have been freshly brewed, but mine was stewed.

After drying, we returned to either dip or fountain pens to effective build tone ans surface pattern with posh doodles and contour lines.

This was the end of the workshop, but I continued. I disliked the graphite, so erased most of it even through the ink washes. I got more into the doodling and it became more intuitive and finally I added touches of gold with culture Hustle gold acrylic. Gold leaf would have been nice, but it was the end of a long day.

Surface detail

Would I do this again? I like the bleeding of the inks and tea. I am not sure zen-doodling is entirely my thing, but maybe… was it fun? You bet! Thanks Carne.

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