Two ways of preparing a canvas for watercolour

I’ve made two short films about how to prepare a canvas for use with watercolour, which I hope you find helpful. It’s very straightforward and sounds far worse than it is! The first just entails putting on three, thin and even layers of watercolour ground – then letting it dry. The second method creates a …

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Peacock collage watercolour

I set myself the challenge of glazing on canvas. I don’t do it much, as it is tricky on canvas. You end up lifting the underlying layers, so there are tricks to get round the problem. Here’s the end piece: I collaged the background with tissue paper and pieces of Indian newspaper, before coating with …

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Using Dorland’s wax on watercolour

If you don’t want to hide your watercolour under glass and a matte, you red to find a way to protect the surface. I like to use this on my Watercolour canvases. While you can use a spray or brush varnish, an interesting alternative is Dorland’s wax. It comes in two sizes (4 or 16 …

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Having fun on canvas

I’ve been wanting to paint pigeons for ages. Why? The moment people describe them as rats with wings, I start seeing the beautiful colours and iridescent feathers. The canvas is 30×100 and prepped with watercolour ground. A light sketch, is the first step and then I painted the birds with Indian ink. I used salt …

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Two tawny owls in ink and watercolour

Tawnies are lovely to paint – it’s all about those eyes! So, when I was asked to paint a pair on canvas to go live in a barn conversion, I jumped at the chance. Having discussed it with their soon-to-be owner we agreed on ink and watercolour on canvas in a subdued palette. Here’s how …

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