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White stork


Watercolour and metal leaf on deep edged canvas unframed and ready to hang.

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White stork: watercolour on canvas with gold leaf

The white stork brings good luck to the house it nests on, so much so that across Europe people build nesting stations to encourage the birds to roost. It is a symbol of fidelity, returning to the same site each year. And of course, we used to tell the children that they brought babies. Why? Because they migrated in the summer when most marriages took place and returned in the spring, a rather convenient nine months later….

What you might not know is that the white stork is the national bird (according to Wikipedia and I will not argue) of Ukraine.

All money raised from the sale of this bird will go to the emergency refugee fund.

Painted in ink and watercolour with a metal leaf background, the texture represents both the berries of Kalyna (the national plant of Ukraine), but also our thoughts and hopes for a swift return to peace.