Otterly lovely


35x35cm watercolour on paper – a cheeky otter

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35x35cm watercolour on paper.

Otters are making a comeback to British river ways, welcomed by animal lovers and loathed by fishermen in equal measure. We love their playful nature, the fishermen hate their predator status.

There are 13 species worldwide, found in rivers and the oceans. Otters have long, slim bodies and relatively short limbs. Out of the water they are a little rolly-polly. Swimming on the surface, they adopt a true doggy paddle, but underwater, they swim with amazing speed and strength. They roll and tumble, helped by powerful webbed feet and a muscular tail. Their sleek coat is water repellent and flap on the nose and ears close off under the water.

How better than capturing this water-dweller with watercolour?

This is painted with artist quality watercolour on archival paper and will come mounted ready to go into a 50cm frame of your choice.