Kingfishers – love is in the air


Kingfishers, 50x50cm, painted in ink and watercolour on canvas and framed in a matte black tray frame.

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To capture a kingfisher sitting quietly on a branch eying up the local sticklebacks, is rare. The thrill of seeing a flash of blue while walking by the river is immense. But to see two kingfishers on a branch, is rarer still.

I love all the myths around kingfishers. The ancient Greeks, believed that the halcyons (their name for kingfishers) built their nest from fish bones and they floated on the water. Kingfishers had the magical ability to calm the weather while they were nesting to stop their nests tipping over and from this we get the phrase ‘halcyon days’.

Perhaps having it hang in your home would evoke the lovely combination of excitement and calm we associate with these birds?

This painting is on a specially prepared canvas. I use tissue paper to create the ripples, which reflect its river side home. It was then painted in ink and watercolour, before being sealed with cold wax medium which is buffed to a gentle sheen. It is framed in a simple black matte tray frame.

You might also like this single kingfisher. They would look lovely as a pair or hanging on their own.