Flying jay


Watercolour, ink and metal leaf on deep edge canvas. 70x70cm

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A flash of blue borrowed from a peacock. The chattering acorn eater.

I regularly see jays, as I go down a little lane near where I live. The pinky plumage and quick glimpse of blue is a giveaway. Beyond knowing their feathers are prized by fishermen, I knew little.

The joy of painting wildlife is that I research as I paint and now know their Latin name Garrulus Glandarius translates as chattering acorn eater. How wonderful is that? They stash their acorns for winter eating and remember the titbit preferences of their mate. They can mimic sounds including human speech. This is no bird-brain. Covid are among the most intelligent birds.

Strangely there is little folklore about the jay, but they are said to represent freedom and independence. As well as symbolising the next great adventure and your life’s true passion. I hope so!

I also hope you enjoy the oak leaves in the gold. Let the adventure begin!

70x70cm watercolour, ink and metal leaf on canvas