Feeling foxy


Feeling foxy – 40x40cm watercolour and ink on a deep edge canvas

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40x40cm watercolour and ink on a deep edge canvas.

As an ex-chicken keeper, my relationship with foxes is complicated. They are beautiful wild creatures, who have adapted to live alongside wasteful humans and thrive. They might go through your bins, but they are doing it to survive. I often watch them play in the field opposite the house, and used to hope that is where they stayed.

I once had to rescue one who had got tangled in chicken wire in our garden while trying to eat our pet rabbit. 3am, I’m in my nightdress wearing leather gauntlets, wrestling with a juvenile fox. Must have been a sight for the neighbours! We both survived, though the vet laughed at me the next day when I took the rabbit for a check up. Well, what else could I do, but rescue it??

This is painted on a specially prepared deep edge canvas and painted with ink and watercolour. It is sealed and framed in a beautiful white wooden floating frame and is ready to hang.

I am happy to arrange shipping, and as I love each painting will do my best to ensure it reaches you in perfect condition. If you are not in the UK, I can get you a quote. In the UK, the shipping price will be automatically added at checkout, but if you are local (I am in Berkshire) you are welcome to collect. Just contact me so I can remove the shipping cost.