Fearless dodo


50 x 50cm ink, watercolour and gouache on paper mounted and waxed on a wooden panel, framed.

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Inspired by a news story about a dodo’s egg, this fearless dodo emerged. If only she had laid so many, perhaps she wouldn’t be extinct.

Why are dodos extinct?

Dodos had never come across us, so they didn’t know to be wary. We have a view that they waddled up to the newcomers and that was them done for. However there are accounts of them fighting back. Dodos weren’t stupid, and they had sharp beaks and were about a metre tall, I’m told.

What did for them were the pigs and rats that came in the boats. Dodos nested on the ground, and only laid one egg per season, so soon their numbers plummeted.

About this dodo painting

Yet this is not a sad painting. I want it to be full of energy and humour, as well as poignant. These gorgeous birds were fearless and brave. I hope it will hang in a home to bring smiles and raise thoughts.

Did you know I studied zoology for a while? When I paint, I often research the bird or the animal, and learn more about these fascinating creatures we share our world with. I hope this curiosity shine through. It really is a wonderful world!

My dodo is painted with ink, gouache and watercolour on paper, which I have mounted onto a birch panel and gently waxed. She is on of a kind.