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Brown cow


Watercolour painting of a brown cow on a deep edged canvas 60x60cm strung and ready to hang

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The news is full of the power and danger of Artificial Intelligence. Creatives of all sorts see it as a huge threat to their craft. But is it? The advent of photography was embraced by the Impressionists, but I am sure many thought it was the death knell of art.

I personally feel that the genie is out of the bottle, so that our job is to harness it. AI works by digesting and recombining what has gone before, but can it create? Can it innovate? I was pondering this and decided to use an AI generated image as my inspiration for this cow. I aimed to distort and change it – to make it feel a little uncomfortable. I painted it on a highly textured background, as the real world has texture and feeling, whereas the digital does not. I intend to balance suspicion for the damage AI might cause, but to embrace the positives it might bring and I hope this painting captures a little of that tension.

You can enjoy this painting as a painting or use it to contemplate how technology is changing our world – it’s up to you!