Work on canvas

While I love traditional watercolour, it has to be protected under glass and with a mount. This can put a barrier between you, the viewer, and the painting, so I have been experimenting with watercolour on canvas. And those experiments lead to me first book!

The surface is specially primed to accept the paint and then sealed or possibly waxed. I just add a string and it is ready to hang. It is a contemporary way of displaying your art and I love the mix of traditional watercolour with the new. You might want to look at works on wood too.

As with all watercolours, it should not be hung in bright sunlight, an area of high humidity or near a heat source, but I am sure you knew that!

I am happy to arrange shipping. If you are not in the UK, please contact me and I can get you a quote.

I do take commissions depending on my current workload.

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