The animal kingdom, in all its variety, is a constant source of inspiration and fascination.

Please share with me the joy and awe I experience as I interact with animals. Character and essence are my interests, rather than rendering every hair or detail and I want the personality to shine through.

We so often overlook the everyday animals we encounter, but if you stare into a cat’s eyes, they are like marbles with the colours swirling. Look at the marking on their fur and the way they move – you can see the wild cat within.

Our British wildlife is another source of wonder. I am lucky to be able to see foxes pouncing in the field opposite my house or look up to see the red kites circling.

So, you are more likely to find cows featured, rather than wildebeest, or dogs rather than wolves and I hope that by seeing them with fresh eyes we will reconnect with the natural world and aim to protect the environment we share.

That’s not to say I don’t occasionally go to a zoo or wildlife park for a more exotic encounter! After all, rules (even my own) are there to be broken!

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