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2010: I write. That’s what I do.  I write in a pokey little room at the front of the house.  People drive past and wave.  I watch the tractors.  I fall over the piles of paper on the floor.  I need more space.  So I am a woman in search of a shed.

2012: I write. I paint. I live in my shed. I don’t blog – 2 years/4 posts. I will blog. It won’t be about getting a shed. It will be about words and pictures. Watch this space!

2015: I paint. I write. I blog more regularly. I tweet. I facebook. I get distracted. I am meant to be painting.

2019: I paint, I teach, I write. I Instagram, I Facebook, I tweet (occasionally). I’m not in the shed much, because I’ve take over the conservatory too – ha, ha, ha.

2020: Hmmm, global pandemic, didn’t see that coming. So back in the shed and Zooming around the world. Set-up online courses at Selling via Facebook and seeing how the new world is looking

Stanley Spencer

Finally got to the Stanley Spencer Gallery in Cookham. I love his mixture of humour, observation and biblical reference. Have...

by Liz02/12/2012 No Comments
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Homemade fudge – best in the village

While I'm about it, I think I should share the best fudge recipe I know. Afterall, Christmas is coming and...

by Liz01/12/2012 5 Comments
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Best Christmas cake ever – yum

This was never meant to be a blog about baking (I am sure there are some fab ones out there),...

by Liz01/12/2012 No Comments
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Dinton Pastures

My watercolours are back at Dinton Pastures in the lovely Dragonfly Cafe. When I did an exhibition there at the...

by Liz28/11/2012 No Comments
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