Best Christmas cake ever – yum

This was never meant to be a blog about baking (I am sure there are some fab ones out there), but I do come out of my shed every so often, and it usually involves food.

I have made our Christmas cake and am busy feeding it with Kirsch Wasser bought in Germany on a business trip about 13 years ago (on the grounds it is undrinkable AND I don’t like to waste anything AND there are cherries in the cake).

Now I think I should make a couple of little ones. A friend was bemoaning that her French in-laws did not want a Christmas cake – in preferring a tarte from the local pattiserie, so perhaps a little traditional cake is just the thing. I am projecting my love of fruit cake onto others, but my mother in law should really have one too, shouldn’t she? The only problem is that the chickens are off their lay, so will have to go and buy eggs.

By the way, why do my chickens start moulting as the temperature plummets to minus figures?

So, heat over to 130C gas 2, grease 8in tin (or two smaller ones in my case). Cream 9oz butter with 8oz muscovado sugar, beat in four eggs (after trip to supermarket) and fold in 8oz flour. Mix in 10oz currants, 3oz walnuts, packet dried berries and cherries, 8oz glace cherries, 4oz chopped peel, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 3 tbsp brandy/whisky/dodgy alcohol from long lost business trip. Mix and make a wish. Bake for an hour, cover with foil, bake for another 1.5 hour – prod with skewer to check cooked or take a random guess. Cool and keep in an airtight container while feeding with more alcohol. Don’t bother with marzipan and icing, just glaze some whole nuts and fruit with apricot jam and lob on top.

11 yo’s stirring-wish in 2012 ‘I wish for all the presents on my list, or I will have a strop’. Luckily I could immediately counter-wish for non-stroppy child on Christmas day. Given that he wants some £80 footie boots, I hope my wish prevails.

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