Online masterclass 23 July 2020

On Thursday I did something new…. an online class with over 200 people. Shopkeeparty.com run free sessions twice a week, so I did I did one all about painting animal eyes in watercolour. It was not without drama. Having done the tech test on Weds, I woke up to find that the telephone wire which …

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Exercises to stretch your portrait drawing muscles

I’ve been busy writing a series of articles for The Leisure Painter about watercolour portraits. After all if I can paint a cow I can paint a person. Right? The challenge is to train your hand to do what your eye wants and secondly, to learn to believe what you see. We all have so …

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Layered portraits

I took a very interesting class on Domestika with a superb Spanish artist called Ale Casanova. https://www.domestika.org/en/courses/949-artistic-portrait-with-watercolors I like my layered portraits (see https://lizintheshed.wordpress.com/2019/11/21/portrait-in-layers/ for example), working over a purple underpainting or grisaille. But, I am finding it too controlled and I like a bit more sponteneity. Then I saw Ale’s work, and it really …

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2020 workshops

I don’t think I’ve shared my 2020 workshop schedule, have I? They are all held in Berkshire, UK and everyone keeps telling me they are really good *blush*, so if you fancy coming along, please let me know: 24 January Friday £90 (Hurst ) Painting hares 8-9 February Weekend £195 (Knowl Hill ) Watercolour on …

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More layered portraits

So here is another purple underpainting, followed by yellow, red and blue. If you are interested I am running a portrait workshop on 15 May and 15 November 2020 in Berkshire. We will cover this process and a far more direct tonal one, with colour-value switching going on: