Well-hard Mallard

I love the way ducks swagger. They look like the tough kids you avoid and should probably have pitbulls on bits of string or at the very least, a hoodie. A recent painting was called Reservoir Ducks, which made me snigger like mad. Not sure anyone else laughed…

Anyway, having both visited the wonderful Eye of the Needle exhibition at the Ashmolean and also having admired the wonderful work of Karen at www.mimiloveforever.com I decided to have a go at a little watercolour/needle mix-up. The result is Well-hard Mallard:

Well-hard mallard
Well-hard mallard

I started with a canvas 50x50cm, designed for oil or acyclic and painted the duck on it with watercolours. These skidded around all over the place, so I added a little washing-up liquid to my water to break down the surface tension and that seemed to work. Once it was painted, I gave it a few coats of archival matt varnish to fix it and then considered how to embroider. Now, I haven’t done a lot of embroidery since junior school when we were taught to smock, so I did have to google French knots. I wanted to put a little writing in (it says, in case my running stitch is poor ‘One more crack about quackers – I’ll have you’) and played with some new stiches.

Truth be told, I rather like it. Not sure if I should varnish again to protect the silk from dust, but it was fun and it makes me smile, so I think that’s a job well done.

What do you think?

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