Watercolour podcast interview – In Conversation

Here’s a new experience, for the new year!

The must-listen In Conversation podcast features interviews with leading artists and craftspeople hosted by journalist Timothy Alletson Saunders. And yesterday, it was my turn to be interviewed. So if you fancy a listen to this watercolour podcast, just click below and if you want to hear future posted, then hit the follow button.

3 thoughts on “Watercolour podcast interview – In Conversation”

  1. Hi Liz, I have just listened to the podcast and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. You have certainly given me food for thought regarding my materials, etc. Thank you. Barbara

    1. It’s really worth thinking about what you use, so even if you carry on you are using them with knowledge, but perhaps you can find alternatives which are better for the environment or your health. Glad you found it thought provoking.

  2. As usual Liz you are so generous with sharing your art knowledge. Very interesting podcast. Thank you.

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