Step by step – another cat in watercolour

Starting with a drawing and kicking off with the eye and nose, I wanted to paint this long haired cat in a loose and colourful way. To boot, I had paint left in my palette from yesterday’s cat and I hate to waste paint!


Leaving those to dry, I dampened the body and tail and started dropping colour in, letting it flow down the shape of the body. I blew the tail to get little lines of colour and also dropped clear water in to try and get interesting watermarks which would make a great fur texture. Remembering that the paint will dry lighter by a long way, I tried to be very bold without going too over the top:


Using clean water, I bled some of the colour into the background.


Then on to the head, doing pretty much the same thing:


This is the hard bit – it might be looking a bit odd at the mo – a cat without proper eyes is a bit spooky. Best thing is to go and make a cup of tea so the temptation to fiddle can be resisted. So then let it dry and assess what’s what. Put in the pupils, redefine the top of the tail, sort out the neck to throw the face forward and put in the whiskers and eyebrows.


I used a bit of white gouache on the whiskers and softened it with a little colour, I also did a little splatter of gouache to give some highlights and texture where I wanted it. Now, I will leave it over night to fully dry, then I need to rub out the pencil, check everything balances before saying enough is enough.

I’ll post the finished pic when I’m happy – so please come back soon

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