Providing a diversion – beginners’ watercolour course

Here we are in the middle of the third lockdown (if you are in England – different in Scotland and Wales) and it’s a toughie. The first we had the gorgeous spring weather, the second we had Christmas to look forward to, but this one is grey and cold and damp.

Well, I need to think positive – I need a diversion. And if I need a diversion, don’t other people? So I brought my plans forward and started working on an online beginners’ watercolour course. I had planned to do this in March, but there was no time like the present.

And it’s just gone live! You can see the introduction here: You get lifetime access, you can repeat things and can work at your own pace, when you like.

Aimed at people who say ‘ooh, I wish I could paint’ or ‘I used to like art at school’, I set out to make sure this course covers the basics of materials and techniques, but then quickly goes on to help people paint real pictures.

I want people to come away with the skills, experience and confidence to paint pictures of their own, so each exercise builds on the previous and are full of transferable skills. So the exercise might be to paint a feather, but you can use it to paint a leaf, or a bowl of fruit, or a misty landscape. You get the picture!

We cover the basic things you need to get going, then techniques and jargon – washes, dry brushing, wet in wet. I throw in a few things I wish someone had told me (paper is more important than paint, for example) and how to plan/simplify. We use masking fluid (see the cherry tree above) and really put tone through its paces (see below).

I think it’s pretty good (she says modestly). You can find out more over at If you are not a beginner, I have courses on painting animals, pen and wash etc and will add to them each month.

So if you need diverting, hop on over and I hope to see you there.

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