Before and after

This year I have mostly been paintin’ dogs…. I seem to have ended up painting a fair few much loved pooches this year and thought it might be fun to put together the source photo and the finished painting – sort of before and after. Of course, being ego centric I put the painting first, so it’s more of a after and before, but you get the drift. I think it is fun to see where things come from – here it is pretty jolly obvious, but sometimes ideas come from the smallest thing – the colour combination you are wearing, something you see on the way to school in the morning, a dream… What inspires you?


This is Tig – apparently her owner cried when she opened the painting. Yep, making people cry at Christmas – my work is done….


This was for a friend’s husband’s 40th and it just painted itself.

petportrait2When I saw Betty, I couldn’t stop laughing. Only a besotted owner could love a face like that.

petportrait3I didn’t like the photo much, so played around with it a bit and apparently this too induced tears.

petportrait4Daffodil is elderly, diabetic and likes eating cat food. With a name like that, I thought she needed more yellow in her life.

I have more dogs lined up to paint in 2013 and who knows, if I’m lucky, perhaps someone might ask for a cat.

It is a strange phenomena, but I have noticed if you exhibit a dog painting it is unlikely to sell. Dog owners only want paintings of their particular dog or at a push, its breed. Paintings of cats sell really quickly and not just to cat owners. Perhaps a moggie is a moggie, but a pooch is unique?

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