Works on canvas - watercolour

Working in watercolour on canvas has opened up so many possibilities. It is possible to paint on a scale which would be hard on traditional paper and allows me to display my work without glass getting between the viewer and the image. I am enjoying exploring collage and texture with watercolour – again far trickier on paper.

These are just a few of the paintings from the past couple of years. If you are interested in a commission to create something similar (never the same!!), then please get in touch.

Works on canvas - metal leaf

My work is about finding and celebrating the wonderful in the everyday. How better to describe the beauty of the ordinary than to turn it into a golden icon? Since discovering the joys of gold leaf, my studio is regularly covered in a snow storm of gold flakes! Because watercolour will not work on top of the gold, I have developed a way of working where it goes on at the final stage. I do rather envy acrylic painters at this point.

Works on paper - animals

Finding the amazing and wonderful in the animals I encounter is what motivates me. If we all look more closely we will realise there is as much beauty in our cat as the tiger, or we will see the shadow of the wolf in our dogs… That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy painting more exotic creatures, but I like to study them in person first via visits to zoos and wildlife parks.

Works on paper - birds

Capturing the movement of birds in flight is a particular joy. If the average chicken has 8000 feathers, how do you communicate that without painting all of them? Here are a few of my feathered friends:

Works on paper - flora and landscapes

Landscape and flora sometimes catch my eye. It is often a detail which I like to home in on rather than a wide vista. But a special corner of our beautiful world often tugs at my heart:

Works on paper - portraits

Much as I am fascinated by animals and love looking for the extraordinary in the everyday, I am also interested in the human animal. I wondered that if I can paint a cow and find something new to say about it through the medium of watercolour, could I do the same with the human face?

These are the results of some of my exploration. As an artist it is fun to approach new subjects to find areas of commonality and difference and to never lose the sense of wonder and exploration.