Exciting developments

I haven’t blogged for ages – sorry. I have been rushed off my feet with writing work, painting, family, friends… life. Have been a bit stressed, truth be told. At the beginning of May, I took part in the Henley Arts Trail, which was huge fun. I was based in Twyford for the first time, with a lovely bunch of artists and makers. A chance conversation has lead to me running a workshop with JoeDaisy Studio (www.joedaisy.co.uk) and it went well enough for me to be asked back! We are going to put dates and content together, but I may be doing one a month for them. How cool is that?

The downside of being busy is that painting suffers. I really need a clear head to paint and worrying about everything I have promised everyone, does stop the paint flowing. I have therefore stepped back from the Art House in Wokingham and given notice to one of my writing clients. I hope to be able to create a better balance in life.

The effect has been good so far. I spent my last day in the Art House painting and did these (spot the fact I don’t like to waste paint and wash out my palette!):

KODAK Digital Still Camera

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Hope that I will feel a pile more experimental and creative shortly.

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  1. Your work is beautiful, loose and so juicy! Thank you for letting me know about your blog by leaving a comment on mine. This reminds me so much of Jean Haines work. The cow is phenomenal!

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