About Liz Chaderton

Liz Chaderton

It is easy to overlook the beauty around us, but my joyful watercolours reconnect you to nature, leaving space for your imagination to wander. They aim to bring a smile and a moment to pause no matter busy your life gets.

I create paintings which help people see the natural world in a new and fresh light. My paintings are full of vitality and joie de vivre , hoping to capture the beauty and energy of the flora and fauna we often take for granted. I create special paintings which bring a sense of wonder into your life.

You will find a painting which resonates with the real you. From intimate pieces to dramatic statements, from gentle watercolours to bold golden icons. You can buy securely through this website, or see work in person at galleries and events.

I live and work in a small village in Berkshire, working mainly in watercolour and ink. A selection of my paintings are published by Artko (UK), Artwall (US via Wayfair) and Wraptious (worldwide). I love teaching and my fourth book was published in July 2022.

My work can currently be found at Artistry (Henley).

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